Wedding Videography

Each couple is unique, and even after filming over a thousand weddings, we still find something surprising in every shot. Something breathtaking. And it’s almost always when the couple doesn’t realize anyone is watching. Imagine yourself so absorbed in the moment that the world slips away around you – and it is just the two of you. We are storytellers, there to capture the story of your day.

What we strive for is timeless and classic. We don’t stage shots. We witness them. A moment that fifty years from now will remain beautifully composed, artistically edited, and emotionally alive.

Not just a moment between the two of you, but the time when your grandmother was still there, or you danced with your father. You and your family in real time. We create the cinema of your life.

Our approach is discreet and thoughtful. We blend into the atmosphere of the event, so the experience is personal, seamless, effortless. Natural. Just the way it happens.

As you can see in our sample wedding videos, Taylor Films excels in the art of wedding cinematography in San Diego. We are happy to tackle any location, wedding style and special requests you have, while always bringing our signature attention to detail and focus on the natural process to the table. If you want a wedding film that feels more like a story than a music video, then we’re the best wedding cinematographer in San Diego for you.

Wedding Videography packages starting at $2900