MUSIC STIRS THE SOUL: The Impact of Music on Film and How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Video


In the weaving of a cinematic story, music is the thread that holds it all together. You don’t have to be a movie or music junkie to appreciate the impact of an amazing soundtrack or musical score on a film. Some movie soundtracks are so iconic that just looking at an image from the film can trigger the humming of a familiar tune. Because we at Taylor Films are geeked about movie making, we understand that movies are not a singularly visual experience; they are emotionally tied to the music as well.

Using music in your wedding video is no different. The song will set the tone of the story and take the viewer/listener on a journey. Selection is a significant part of the editing process. Not only must the music match the musical tastes of a couple, as well as the feel of the event, but it has to be legally purchased. This is where you can get into tricky territory if you aren’t using a reputable videographer.

But, wait, you say—I really want this popular song, and I bought a copy of it from iTunes. Can I use it in my wedding video? The answer is more than likely, NO, and here’s why:

Music used in your wedding video has to be royalty free or the copyright has to be purchased. Even though wedding videographers have been using popular copyrighted music in their product for years, the dawn of the Internet, You Tube, Vimeo and Facebook gave sudden viral popularity to wedding videos. It also gave music licensing companies an easier ability to crack down on illegal commercial uses of music.

So while your favorite tune or the first dance song is definitely on the A side of the soundtrack of your life, choosing music to accompany your wedding video will need to be original, unless you are willing to pay for the rights (starting at around $15,000). Don’t fret. Original music (and even some mainstream songs) is available at sites like, which makes it easy for couples to choose an independent artist and a song that feels written just for them.

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